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Bimling with BIDS Helper

BIDS is an abbreviation for Business Intelligence Development Studio. The area where Microsoft Business Intelligence developers and consultants spend a lot of hours working in.

BIDS Helper is a free indispensable Visual Studio.Net add-in with features that extend and enhance the functionality of BIDS.

Recently a new beta version ( was released which includes the Biml package generator.


Biml (Business Intelligence Markup Language) is an XML-based language that allows you to describe your BI solution in a declarative fashion.

Today I took a test-drive and created my first package.

BIML Editor

The xml editor has some nice features: smooth intelliSense and blue curlylines to indicate possible errors.

And when you right click the Biml document in Solution Explorer you can select Expand Biml File and the package(s) is/are created:

BIML package

Conclusion: a very promising addition to BIDS Helper and I'll enjoy diving into it more. Especially the possibility to use Biml scripts to automate package creation.

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