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Creating a Meta Data Driven SSIS Solution with Biml - 1. Overview

In this series of blog posts I’ll describe and walk you through the creation of a simple meta data driven SSIS solution using Biml.

Biml (Business Intelligence Markup Language) is an XML-based language that allows you to describe your BI Solution in a declarative fashion.

De Biml Package Generator is a new feature of BIDShelper a free add-in for the Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). It allows you to create packages based on the Biml documents. Furthermore you can use BimlScript to automate the creation of these packages.

I will use the Northwind sample database as the source for a simple Kimball based data warehouse. (MyDwh) I will also use a staging database (MyDwh_st) and a meta database (MyDwh_meta) that will include a table with a source to target mapping that will drive the creation of SSIS packages.


The series will consists of the following posts:

  1. Overview (This page)
  2. Setting the stage: Primarily a description of the SQL server databases and SQL statements to create the environment.
  3. Creating a TablePackage: Creating a Biml document to create a package to import one table.
  4. Creating the TablePackages: Using Bimclscript to automate the creation of packages
  5. Creating the MasterPackage

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  1. Correct metadata is essential for every automation solution. When I started working with BIML I used one table that describes the source to target table mapping. (see the “ Creating a Meta Data Driven SSIS Solution with BIML ” series) And that works fine

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