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Things I Learn(ed) From My First Data Warehouse

Some fifteen years ago I created my first data warehouse. This was after a decade in several financial functions like auditing, controlling and reporting.

The experienced consultant that reviewed my data warehouse had a lot of comments. Why didn’t I incorporate more attributes he asked? There must be more information in the source systems … what about age, gender, occupation, marital status of the people in this dimension?

more_attributesHe was right of course but as the business expert I didn’t feel the need. I hadn’t needed this information in my reports and I had my doubts as to the data quality of these attributes in the source systems.

Learning from criticism

But of course I learned from his advice and in later projects I found myself convincing customers that they needed these attributes or would probably need them in the future. And if we didn’t add them now it would cost much more in a future update.

Revisiting my learned behavior

So me and my team spend a lot of time extracting attributes, cleansing them and loading them in dimensions. Spending a lot of time and customer’s money on adding attributes they didn’t need in the first place. Nowadays I will suggest a more agile approach: loading the data as is in an historical staging area or a data vault and only cleanse/add them to the dimensional model when needed.

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