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Batch File To Start/Stop SQL Server

I figured this out a few years ago but forgot most of it. With a new blazing fast lap-top and only one instance of SQL Server running these services automatically at start-up wasn’t a big problem.

But now after installing SQL2012 I felt the need to set these services to manually start-up and wrote four batch-files:

  • Start_SQL2008R2.bat
  • Stop_SQL2008R2.bat
  • Start_SQL2012.bat
  • Stop_SQL2012.bat

Whenever I need one of these instances I right-click the relevant bat file and Run them as administrator.

This is the contents of Start_SQL2008R2.bat to start my SQL Server instanced with the name SQL2008R2.:

net start MSSQL$SQL2008R2
net start SQLAgent$SQL2008R2
net start MSOLAP$SQL2008R2
net start MsDtsServer100
net start ReportServer$SQL2008R2

And this is the contents of my Stop_SQL2008R2.bat file.

net stop SQLAgent$SQL2008R2
net stop MSSQL$SQL2008R2
net stop MSOLAP$SQL2008R2
net stop MsDtsServer100
net stop ReportServer$SQL2008R2

Notice the order (Stop SQL Agent now before SQL Server)

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